Ahmad Fuad Osman

Ahmad Fuad Osman (b. 1969, Kedah, Malaysia) graduated with a BA in Fine Art from MARA Institute of Technology (UiTM). In the 1990’s, he was involved in the Malaysian film and theatre industry, and this influenced a shift in his artistic practice from painting to multi-disciplinary works encompassing  installation, sculpture, print and video. Socio-political themes have long been a key concern as he investigates subjects ranging from identity politics, the abuse of power and historical amnesia. Using a potent mix of wit and philosophy, he speaks to broad spectrums of society on challenging subjects. 

In recent years, Ahmad Fuad Osman has investigated the veracity of truths and alternative  histories in a post-factual world. From the multi-modal installation Recollections of Long Lost Memories (2007-ongoing), which won Jurors’ Choice Award at the APBF Signature Art Prize (2008), to the wide ranging Enrique de Malacca Memorial Project, first shown in 2016 at the Singapore Biennale and most recently at the Sharjah Biennale (2019). Drawing on oral narratives, popular publications and subaltern archives, he often pieces together fragments of the past told through conflicting narratives; thus, offering ways to rewrite established canons.

Ahmad Fuad Osman has exhibited internationally including ‘Blackout’ at Kunsthal Rotterdam 2019; Sharjah Biennale’s ‘Leaving The Echo Chamber (2019); Singapore Biennale: An Atlas of Mirrors (2016); Multiple Languages, Silverlens Gallery, Philippines (2014); and Welcome to the Jungle: Contemporary Art in Southeast Asia, Yokohama Museum of Art, Japan (2013). He has also taken up residencies at the Vermont Studio Centre, USA (2004), Goyang National Art Studio, South Korea (2005–2006) and Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia (2007–2008). His works can be found in the collections of Balai Seni Negara, Galeri PETRONAS and the Singapore Art Museum, amongst others.