Kamolros Wonguthum

KAMOLROS WONGUTHUM (b.1992, Bangkok, Thailand) received an MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths university and currently lives and works in London. Her feminine approach towards structures of power employs an autobiographical approach in not victimizing the use of personal narrative. She wants to empower social value systems and concepts that are possibly considered vulnerabilities. Her practice aims to subvert aspects of gendered stereotypes, shifting how we objectify what we see. Wonguthum’s work encompasses: installation, photography, video, writing, drawing, poetry and collage on mixed media. The work often amalgamates together, sitting on the fringes of each discipline. Wonguthum’s choice in media, image and scale accentuates a starkly cute poetic of the social, teasing and daring us to indulge our imaginations.