Prae Pupityastaporn

PRAE PUPITYASTAPORN (b.1981, Bangkok, Thailand) is a Thai painter whose works are mostly the depiction of the overlooked domestic scenery and landscape. Her figurative paintings are produced with overlapping thin layers of acrylic colors and some solid elements that are inspired by various medias ranging from random photography, architect structure, landscape, daily life situation and literature. Pupityastaporn’s paintings are the rearrangement of ordinary objects and scenes with undefined elements, some of which are derived from photography and other sources to create an obscure result that has no continuity of a story. Pupityastaporn went to study in Germany in 2008 at Hochschule fuer Gestaltung in Offenbach to major in painting. She continued her studies at Kunstakademie Dusseldorf in the class of Professor Herbert Brandl and graduated in 2015. Her solo exhibitions include; “The Perfect Day for Fishing” (Nova Contemporary, 2019), “Dirty Snow Poesy” (Bangkok University gallery, 2017), “Anywhere but here” (Gallery Schloss Neersen in city hall, Willich Germany, 2014). Her group exhibitions include; “Appearing Unannounced” (Rikrit Teravanija’s Studio, Chiang Mai, 2018), “The shape of the invisible, The rhythm of the unspeakable, The dimension of humanity” (YELO House, Bangkok, Thailand, 2018), “Coincidence” (Golestani gallery, Dusseldorf Germany, 2015), “Noch neuerer Neue Malerei” (NRW Bank Dusseldorf, Germany, 2015), “Revive” (Kunsthaus Mettmann, Germany, 2015), “SPAGAT” (Gallery A3 Moscow Russia, 2014).