Unchalee Anantawat

UNCHALEE ANANTAWAT (b. 1982, Thailand) has a practice that can be seen as anti-aesthetic. While it somehow rejects traditional aesthetics, it is on the other hand developing its own unique way of visual composing. She has been working conceptually without a proper plan, to exercise her artistic freedom. The freedom allows her to not follow a particular process of working, while yielding an unexpected outcome. Humor and material are highly important to her works. Inspired by her perception of humour in human made objects, which sometimes shows weird and subtle malfunctions or malformations, she tries to deliver those humorous moments through her works. Her usage of material is one of the vehicles that delivers such absurdity, she only selects the materials that resonate with her humorously. Unchalee’s works depict herself in various situations, every day mundane situations are exaggerated into worlds with colourful scenarios. She creates characters to populate her worlds and to create narratives within it. Since she has been creating her own worlds and on her own terms, Unchalee has been working her way from making the two-dimensional to eventually adopt three-dimensional environments. Recently, virtual reality has enabled her to find a whole new world, the 3D VR world that is.