Lienne Loy

LIENNE LOY is a curator currently facilitating exhibitions held at A+ Works of Art, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She assists in the curation of exhibitions that brings in artists from within the region of Southeast Asia, further bridging together artists of a wide scope of exposures and points in careers from emerging to mid-career, curators, writers and speakers. Along with piecing together shows and writing, she oversees the development and amalgamation of the gallery’s publications, which are printed alongside every exhibition held at the space. This is done with the aim to develop historical and cultural context of the works and artists that pass through. Lienne graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree and a focus in curatorial studies and exhibition design. She has had experience working in art institutions and galleries within the USA, all of which have influenced her perspective of assembling wholly intentional exhibitions that impart lasting value onto their audience, which encourage intellectual and progressive discourse.

Lienne is continuously developing her personal writing practice and is working to progress with future exhibitions highlighting the potential of young and emerging artists within Southeast Asia.